Thursday, 5 July 2018

ASB Getwise

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from Jayden ( ASB Getwise Worker) who teached us different types of information about how to save our money. First we tried a test with our hands. This test was to see if we were good with our money or bad with our money. Some people got different answers to the test. At the end we all told Jayden if the test was either false or true. We found out that the test was false because how can we know that we are good or bad with our money. To end this visit with fun we played a activity. In this activity we were not allowed to go over the budget price. Budget means the money that is available for us to use. We were all in groups to make this activity work. Our budget was 18,00 and we included: passport, flights, accommodation, insurance, food, shopping, and activities. The main thing of this game was to teach us about our budget plan that will help us save up for something big like a play station 4. Our group managed to choose some good choices but at the end our group was out because we did not buy our insurance which made us loose all of our cash. 

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