Friday, 27 July 2018


Today for inquiry we worked on careers. The 2 differences between a career and a job is that a career is something that you work for living like for example: Midwife, Policemen, Nurse, and more. A job is something that you start once you are in secondary school or teenager adult like for example: Countdown, Pak'nsave, New World, and more. To start off everyone completed a careers quest that was full of 87 questions. These questions was needed to be answered either no interest, neutral, fairly interested, and very interested. This quest helped us lead to the right career we might of liked when we leave secondary school. When I finished my career quest my results were 100 careers to choose from. I was more interesting in biology and health questions. I chose to be a Midwife because my mum is a midwife and I know all about what Midwives do in order to take care of the baby and mother. 

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