Thursday, 28 June 2018

M&M Question Slide

Last week Mr Johnston was our teacher, since Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpatrick was at a teacher conference in America. Mr Johnston created tasks that helped us work collaboratively in our groups that we were put in. Today for maths I worked collaboratively with Jack, Fraidon, Junior, and Jay- Don. The task was to create a presentation including our personal thoughts about M&M's, 2 different graphs, history of M&M's, interesting facts about M&M's, and our answer to the mars company statement. The point of the personal thoughts part was to tell others the most common colour we thought would be the best and the amount of M&M's that will be inside a M&M packet. The person who got the closest answer to the correct answer was Junior. In total there were 55 M&M's in the packet, but Junior thoguh that there would be 50 in the packet. The fun part about this was when we got a chance to eat the M&M's. Everyone in my group got 11 M&M's each. I preferred blue as my colour because for me it's such an appealing colour to my eye when I look at it.  Yesterday some groups started presenting there DLO's to the class. Today my group presented our collaborative DLO to the whole class. Did you know that 2 billion M&M's are produced every 8 hours. Did you also notice that peanut M&M's came out in 1954. 

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