Friday, 6 November 2015

My Time At Halloween

Yeah as I went to Halloween It felt like in  hell. I went at 3:00pm with my family. I was dressed as an princes. As I started walking to get some candy from other houses my tummy was spinning like a tornado in the sky. The first place we went to was around Panmure. In Panmure I got a lot of lollies in my basket since I started getting candy from other houses. Since I started going to houses to get lollies my heart was as scared like a earthquake drill. I went Halloween because I was tired staying home and watching the T.V. As I kept walking my feet was getting tired and tired of me running to get candy.
Next I went to Glen Innes. As we arrived there I was so excited that I was about to explode in the air. As I ran to get candy I saw some kids wearing scary costumes. Their costumes were as scared like a zombie. Then me and my little brother went to knock on the door. As me and my little brother knocked on the door a scary person showed up with a black hoodie and gave us a lollies scramble. After that we went to my nans house. As we got to her house she gave us 3 scoops of lollies. My nan was dressed as a scary doctor with fake blood on her. As I saw my nana wearing her costume She looked very spooky and scary. Then I went to my aunts house as I knocked on the door my aunt had a box and she told me to open it. As I opened the box it had had lollies and a spooky hand with blood. My lollies that I picked was a ring lollies and skittles.

Finally our last place was at Pakuranga where my cousin live. We went to was my cousin's house. As I knocked on the door my cousin gave me a huge fright. As he frighted me I felt like my heart was beeping. My last house was a house with spiderwebs blood and scary scarecrows. As I knocked on the door I felt scary because I thought they would give me a big fright. So I knocked on the door and they gave me a scoop of lollipops. So my mum told us to hop in the van to go back home and have a shower. So we arrived home and I said “thank you mum for taking me Halloween.”

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