Monday, 21 May 2018

Text messages Using Punctuation

Today for writing we were learning how to use punctuation in text bubbles. To write these messages we used a site called iphonefaketext I choose to have a sleepover with my friend Caroline. I created a google document to show the messages on the site I used and the messages with punctuation in it. 

Click here to try this out:


  1. Hi Mele I really liked how you explained what you did and it is really easy to see the difference between informal and formal writing. Maybe next time you can add more detail to your blurb and use other words besides 'said.'

  2. Hi Mele,
    I think your punctuation using text messages is great. I think you should add in what yoou've done after doing the fake iphone text site. I like how you've even added the site so then other people can go on it. Why did yo choose to do a sleepover text intead of movies or games?. Great job mele