Wednesday, 23 May 2018

9 Times Tables Stragety

Today for maths I created a DLO showing you how I worked out a 9 time table equation by using the 10 times tables strategy. On this google draw it includes how I solve the problem and how I would solve it in words. 


  1. Kia Ora Mele,
    I think your maths DLO is awsome!. I think you should add in a way that people could do if they can't subtract the big numbers?. But overall you've done a great job. I really like how you've add in the equation down in mubers and words. If you know how to do this then here is another equation to solve, What could be 85 x 9?. Keep the great learning up Mele!.

  2. Greetings Marieta,
    Thank you for commenting on my 9 times tables strategy. I really appreciate the wonderful comment you gave me. The answer to 85 x 9 would be better to solve on a paper together sometime in a maths session, but thank you for the advice you gave me.
    From Mele.