Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can was our third session. Our teachers were Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Our topic for this term is Making good choices.Making good choices is when someone decided to do the right thing either than doing the bad thing. Our theme for this term is Integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing even though the teachers are not there to supervise. In Kiwi can we played 1 energiser. This game we played was called captains ball. In this game there were 4 teams. Once Ms Miss Lily and Mr matt throws the ball everyone has to come in and try to catch it. Whoever catches the ball passes it to their teammates to shoot it in their captains hoop. The team that get's the ball in can illuminate a team. The last activity we did was master gkq. GKQ stands for General Knowledge Questions.

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