Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can was our fourth session of term 2. Our teachers were Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Our topic for this term is still Intergrity. Integrity means doing the right thing even though know ones looking. In Kiwi can we played 1 energizer and 1 GKQ. Our new theme for this term is called role models. Role models means looking up to someone that will influence you to become the person you want to be.The first energizer we played was a remote game. In this game there were 2 leaders sitting on the chair blind folded with a toy noodle in there hand. Miss Lily or Mr Matt would call a letter and that group of people would go up and try to get the remote without getting hit with the toy noodle. Whoever gets hit with the toy noodle needs to run back to the white board and start again. Then we learnt what a role model is. For example my mother would be a role model to me because she is a LMC midwife, so I look up to her job. Finally we played general knowledge questions. 
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