Thursday, 31 May 2018

Test Results

This week for inquiry we have been learning about the body systems. Before we started doing this activity we tested how fast we could react to the messages that were coming to our brain. We created a google document to collect all of our data. We worked in partners. We played a ruler game where we got into pairs. Myself and Carl worked together to play this ruler game. In this ruler game we did three types of tests on each other to see how fast they could react. The tests were Auditory, Visual and Tactile. After that we got into a group of 4 and made a graph comparing how good we did at our tests and how good we did on our hypothesis. We then needed to graph this data showing each persons results. This data shows the average of our reflex test. I think my group done really good because we have a fast reflex at looking than hearing and touching. 

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