Thursday, 24 May 2018

Kiwi Sport

Today was our second session of Rippa Rugby with Hamish (Rippa Rugby Coach). First we played a game called everybody's it. In this game everyone had to rippa's on their belts. Everybody ran around and tried ripping peoples rippa's off.  At the end the person with the most rippa's win. The next game we played was called tag rush. This game was similar to boar rush but the rippa rugby version. There was 1 person in the middle calling out boys, girls, barefoot, or everybody go. Instead of tagging/tackling them we ripped there tags off. The last 2 standing are our new taggers. Next we played a game called green and orange. This was similar to rats and rabbits but the rippa rugby version. For example if Hamish calls orange this means they will need to run over the white line before there partner rips there tag off. The last game we played was a game of rippa rugby. In this game there were new rules. We were allowed to pass it any direction. It was like netball rippa rugby. It was confusing for some of us because both teams were all wearing the same colored rippa tags.

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