Thursday, 14 September 2017

Maths Art

LI: To create a piece of art using: rotation translation, and reflection. This week for maths we had to create our own piece of art. At first we had to start planning it out and then start to draw out our patterns on small piece of papers. We all had a chance knowing what to make our pattern look good. If you want to make you pattern look the same then you can draw out your pattern in vivid and then copy it with your other ones. We all started painting/colouring in our patterns. The patterns had to include light colour on dark or dark colour on light. Painting was difficult for my shape. My shape was called the faithfulness. A moon and flower included in it. As you can see for our art we had to use rotation,reflection, and translation.We got to use pastel,dye and paint. The normal colours we used were red,green, and blue. Green was in paint- Dark on Light, Blue was in crayon and dye- light on dark, red was pastels- light on dark too.

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