Wednesday, 14 December 2016

De Havilland Dh 60 Moth Gipsy Moth

De Havilland Dh 60 Moth
A De Havilland is a plane but what type of plane is it? This type of plane was a Gipsy Moth. It was a aircraft but, back in
the days it only had 2 seat per gipsy moth.
For A Gipsy Moth plane there can be different types of colors such as grey. I think the most popular color for a gipsy moth would be grey.
There are not that much shapes in a Gipsy Moth. The body looks like a shaped cylinder. Gipsy Moths can has the same body shape.
Engine Type:
The Gipsy Moth has a engine type which is called a reciprocating. It has labels to but it flies with parts. The reciprocating is only helped to be part of a De Havilland plane- Gipsy  Moth.
And remember Jean Batten was one of the New Zealand international aviatrix around the world. Jean Batten is one of them that flyed the Gipsy Moth. There were million types of Gipsy Moths around the world.

Today for writing Mr Wong's writing groups had to write a information report on their own migrating topic. I chose to write about a De Havilland Dh 60 Moth Gipsy Moth plane. This week we also had to use our plan to write our information report. My goal point was to use my plan to write my information report. I enjoyed searching,skimming and scanning for key words on other useful websites.

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