Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The Tunnel- Settings Description

LI - To notice the language features in a settings description.
Today for writing I wrote a settings description about a tunnel in a forest. In this character description I used some language features to make my settings description interesting.


  1. Greetings Mele

    I really like your character description about The Tunnel. What I really like about your character description is how you gave us a good and great description about where it is place and how you used interesting words. What I think you should do next time is add more to your blurb. Have you ever wrote a charter description?.

    - Magenta

  2. Hi Magenta,
    Thank you for the lovely comment from you. Yes I have made a character description before when I was a year 6. I still remember that I made a character description about a rugby player named Josh Reynolds. I just want to wish you the best for commenting on other blog posts from different schools.
    From Mele.